How Do I Do What I Do?

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    The coaching approach that I use to create and empower Fearless Humans, is based in neuroscience, the science of the brain. More specifically I studied and trained in the cognitive and behavioural branches of neuroscience, how we think and behave as humans. I know, sounds pretty fancy right?
    Here's the thing though...
    I learned the science stuff, so you don't have to.
    What is more important to me when working with you is that you have…

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    Though I have many tools in my own tool kit, it’s really important to me to set you up for the long term with your own tool kit. By definition as a Fearless Human, you are empowered and confident in your own ability to walk your own path. This is why much of the work that you will do will be creating your own tool kit for your own individual life and circumstances. Otherwise I’d just be equipping you with what you need to jump the first hurdle only to fall at next nine.
    The other part of my role is to provide you with…

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    This empowerment takes the form of me remaining non-judgmental and to a certain extent, impartial about your journey and letting you find your own answers inside yourself. I truly believe you have everything you need inside you already, I just help you find and access it and then empower you to use it. I hold a supportive space for you and give you permission to be who you really are and to do and say whatever you need to. It’s in this exploration of everything that you already are and have inside you that magic and true transformation takes place.
    And when you need it, there is one final thing that I can give you...

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    Sometimes it can be really difficult to see outside of yourself and your situation. Ever heard the saying "you can't see the wood for the trees"? It's so easy to be stuck inside ourselves and our circumstances and we can't really see or feel clearly what is going on. As a coach I support clients to get the clarity they need to zoom right out of their struggles and see things from a fresh and removed perspective. These lightbulb or "aha" moments provide lightning fast shifts and results and once you've "seen" them, they change your life and the way you look at it, forever.

Become A Fearless Human

How Can Fearless Humans help me?

It's difficult to say exactly what results you will see because each experience is so personal to the individual and their life situation. Each person I work with has their own set of needs and wants that they would like to get out of coaching and sometimes they get so much more out of it than they even knew they needed.

However, if you want to...

  • Feel happier and more comfortable in yourself, more focused, more directed, more determined, more resilient, more playful, more excited, more inspired, more purposeful, more passionate and more free!
  • Increase your confidence, self worth, self esteem
  • Experience more connected and meaningful relationships
  • Improve your business/life balance
  • Increase your energy and vitality
  • Live in, fully appreciate and enjoy the present moment
  • Develop a surplus of time, money, space, relationships and love in your life
  • Cultivate the skills and mindset that will enable you to deal with and bounce back from challenge and adversity much quicker
  • Live a fulfilling and satisfying life that is in alignment with your values and purpose
  • Reorient your life around your values and establish boundaries that support you
  • Realise your dreams and goals and move towards them in a way that feels both good to you and is the fastest, easiest and simplest way possible for you
  • Be empowered to express and communicate yourself, your needs, your wants, your business and it's message with conviction and lay claim to the life you truly want to lead

Then Fearless Humans is for you.

Become A Fearless Human

How Can I Work With You?

Private Coaching Options

1-2-1 Coaching

My one to one coaching packages are not one size fits all. They are not a 7 step blueprint or action plan. Because you are a human my packages reflect that. They are designed around you, to meet you where you are at and they flex and evolve with you.

Real transformation takes time and I truly want to see you be, do and have all you want to in your life and for the investment of both our time, energy and money to be well spent. For this reason I do not work with clients on a short term or session by session basis. My one to one packages are a minimum of 6 months of commitment.

Before we get to the point of a making a coaching agreement between us that involves any kind of financial investment I like to make sure that we are a good fit together as coach and coachee. This involves us speaking at least once before we commence making any sort of agreement between us. I work with all my clients online over zoom or skype and we would have a coaching based conversation about who you are and where you're at right now. I like to get a clear picture of you, your life and your life situation to know if you are truly ready and able to commit to yourself and a coaching package at this time.

I also encourage and am fully open to anyone who is thinking about working with me asking me any questions they might have about me, my methods and my life too. I think it's just as important for you to know who you are trusting, confiding in and working with too.

If you're interested in having a conversation to see if I am the right coach for you then click the button below and fill out the contact form. Let's talk!

VIP Days

A VIP Day is a day of intensive coaching. We spend a day together coaching around your biggest blocks and putting together a personalised plan of action steps to move towards your dreams and goals.

VIP days are perfect for you if…

1) You are looking to or starting to step out in a new way with your own business/side gig and need some clarity, support and a dose of courage in making the jump or taking the next steps.

2) You are already a heart centred business owner and you feel stuck, lost or overwhelmed and want to get your mojo and sense of purpose and direction back.

In the time we spend together we’ll dig right into what the blocks are that are stopping you from moving forwards and put together a practical step by step plan of action to get you moving in the right direction. I also include a follow up call after the day to support you in keeping to your plan and working through any blocks that try to resurface.

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Group & Other Options

Fearless Humans Group

Investing in private coaching isn't right for everyone. If you prefer to work in a group environment and like having the opportunity to make new connections and to share and grow alongside a group of likeminded individuals then the Fearless Humans group is for you. This is a mix of self study along with group participation. More information coming soon.

COMING 2018!

Digital Programs

For those who are not ready to invest in private or group coaching I offer a number of digital programs to support you in your journey to become a Fearless Human. These programs are a self study format, made up of video, audio and pdf worksheets. You can complete them in your own time, on your own schedule and still get all the personal growth and magic of Fearless Humans. Check out our store for more information!

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On The Fence?

If you are thinking about working with me but you are hesitant to take the leap of faith I’d ask you to take a moment and examine the reason for your hesitance.

A lot of the time people tell me that they don’t have the money and sometimes that is true. Truthfully, I would never want someone to put themselves into financial difficulty in order to work with me, however in my experience when we are brave enough to look deeper there are often other reasons that are really at the root of this hesitance to jump in.

There are 3 things that I see come up time and time again when I have someone on the fence about working with me and I wanted to share these with you. Ask yourself these questions and see what comes up for you…

  • q-iconAm I truly committed to making a change?

    Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with where you are and wanting to stay where you are. I am not here to judge you and honestly I’d rather work with people who are truly ready and committed to their transformation because they are the people who get results. Whatever changes you are looking to see in your life, they only come about through your taking action. Committing to yourself and your results takes work and no one else can do that for you. If you’re not willing to do the work for yourself, then you’re not ready to change. And that’s ok. Just don’t expect your life to change without changing something!

  • q-iconDo I Believe I Am Worth It?

    I have spoken to many people who are not willing to invest in themselves and their transformation simply because they don’t believe they are worthy of it. I probably don’t need to tell you that a self worth issue like this is most likely holding you back in multiple areas of your life and stopping you from being, doing and having what you want from your life. Self worth is not just about money, it’s about believing you are worthy of all things in abundance, that you deserve the life you dream of. These beliefs are some of the very things that we will be working to get clear on and redefine during our time coaching together.

  • q-iconAm I Seeing Things From The Limited Pespective Of Where I'm At Right Now?

    You may believe that the current version of you does not have the possibility to have more money, meet the perfect partner or be, do have many of the dreams you have for yourself. This is because you are looking at things from where you are right now and not where you could be. Where you are right now is temporary. The changes you’ll experience working with me will change what is possible for you. The version of you that you wish to become is most likely much more confident and capable and that version of you has the potential to be, do and have what you want. I’d invite you to just let go for a minute of the idea that you are always going to be where you are now and just imagine if more was possible for you. Better still, imagine what would be possible for you if you were being who you want to be!

These questions are not about me trying to persuade you to work with me. They are an invitation to you to ask yourself honestly what is holding you back, not just from working with me and committing to your transformation but potentially in other areas of your life that you may not be satisfied with too! At the very least I hope they spark a thought for you that may be a catalyst for you to take action in some way to change your life for the better.

Become A Fearless Human