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This program will:

  • Take the overwhelm out of making changes in your life
  • Help you quickly assess what change you'd like to see in each area of your life
  • Break the changes down into practical and impactful steps you can act upon right now
  • Provide you with a way of tracking your progress and holding you accountable to changing your behaviours

The Circle of Life and is a do-it-yourself tool for getting clear on the practical steps for achieving transformation in different areas of your life. There is also another tool included to support you in staying accountable, consistent and committed to making these changes, vitally important to a successful transformation.


The “What Are You Made Of?” program supports you in understanding what the key ingredients are that make up who you are so you can put together the recipe for being and showing up as your best self. By the end of the program you'll have consistent recipe instructions that you can follow in every situation and interaction to create an experience that truly tastes good to you and that you are confident in cooking up every time.

This program will help you to:

  • Bulletproof yourself to the judgement of others
  • Understand who you are and how to be you
  • Know who you are and how to be you, even in changable circumstances
  • Increase your confidence and self worth
  • Be less reactive and emotional and instead respond from a place of confidence
  • Have a compass bearing to follow in life that leads to your best self and in turn your success
  • Show up in the world as the best version of yourself
  • Experience the freedom and confidence to be who you really are

COMING 2018!

This program will help you to:

  • Understand and conquer your blame, shame and guilt and release yourself to live your best life
  • Forgive and accept yourself and others and let go of the past that holds you back now
  • Increase your confidence and self worth through self love

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